Monday, April 17, 2017

Overtime May be Required

Buzzzz!  The basketball game was all tied up and was going into overtime. With only two minutes to go, Jordan's coach asked who wanted to go in.  Every girl enthusiastically stood up and raised her hand. Every girl, except Jordan.

She had a reason for not wanting to play, she said her leg hurt. This could have been true, (and who am I to doubt my own child?) although watching her play in a fun pick-up game afterwards, showed us that her leg felt fine. Later that night when we were talking, I strategically brought up her "leg pain" wondering what she would say, and she quickly and quietly muttered "Too much pressure." Ah ha!!  It was the moment of truth. Literally.

Sure, this had been obvious to me for years: the swimming, the scooter riding, the learning to ride a bike, the shoe tying ... She was capable of doing all these things, but because she was overwhelmed and afraid, she would make up excuses. As I probably mentioned too many times, it drove me nuts, especially when she would minimize the achievements of others.

But on this day, maybe for the first time, she was completely honest with herself. Not too shabby for an eleven year old.

Thank you,

Us Too

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