Friday, October 21, 2016


I've been thinking about how life changes after having children. Those tween and teen years could have the potential to ruin relationships. Please try to remember that no matter how unpleasant, belligerent, angry or antisocial a child may become, no matter how hard a child tries to push their parent away, a parent can never go away.

No child wants to be locked in their bedroom feeling alone, misunderstood, and hopeless. Even if someone isn't capable of, or willing to verbalize it, everyone wants to be heard, accepted, and loved for who they are.

It may not be easy. It certainly wasn't always easy for us. But the results of communicating throughout those tough years, could be momentous. Because one day a child may be doing his or her very best to find success. But if the realization "I deserve, and will be happy", is slowly replaced with the overwhelming, all consuming, downward spiral into hopelessness... no one should feel alone.

All things considered, a little bit of attention, intervention, reassurance, closeness, understanding, and love, may be all that's needed to get someone back on track towards finding inner peace again.

Thank you.

Us Too

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