Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A Quick Clarification

After writing a post I usually read it over and make any small corrections, that otherwise might drive me crazy. I also find myself going over the content, trying to remember each situation and how it played out. After writing Never a Dull Moment, something has been on my mind.

Because I am getting the content of the entries from my old journals, some details may have inevitably been left out. Like for instance, exactly what happened after Jordan informed us that she didn't want us to eat her smiley face cupcakes.

I can't be 100% sure, but my instincts tell me (because I know myself pretty well) that after she said this, that she may not have eaten one, but the rest of us most likely did. There were three other toddlers waiting for a cupcake, so I doubt that we banned them from eating one.

There. Now that I fessed up, I think I feel better. I didn't write about a huge tantrum being thrown on this specific night, so I assume that the birthday celebration went on pretty much, without a hitch.

Thank you for putting up with this short rant.

Us Too

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