Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Kids Are Supposed to Misbehave at Home. Wait. What?

I never really understood or agreed with this quote. I have had many experienced parents tell me this, but I guess I just didn't buy into it. Kids are supposed to misbehave at home? Why is that? I sure didn't get away with that when I was young. 

To me this is a sign of disrespect towards the two people who care about, and love you the most. If parents teach, want, and expect their kids to behave and act in a respectful manner, then they should be able to achieve this outside, and inside, of their homes. 

I may not have understood this quote, but I was certainly living it. Jordan was always getting the best reports from her nursery school teachers and the teachers at the Little Gym. She was a great listener, always helped to clean up the toys, she followed directions and she was a rule follower. Umm... there was something wrong with this picture.

Of course I was relieved that she didn't act out and throw tantrums while in school, but to me that meant that she had control over the behavior. If she can control herself at school, then she should be able to control herself at home. Right?? All I knew was the repetitive disruption and agitation to our lives was getting old. Honestly (and maybe naively), I just wished that it would stop.

Let's face it, I was the adult here. The way I saw it, I needed to do something to try to improve our situation. So I did what any mature adult would do: I called my Mommy and Daddy and asked them for advice...

Thank you,

Us Too

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