Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Accountability vs. Responsibility

Back to the somewhat unwelcome, but also necessary, modification behavior chart. I knew I needed to do something, because things were getting out of hand. The goal was to keep track of how often Jordan was rude to Kayla. Here's how the chart worked:  Each time Jordan lashed out in one way or another, I would put an X on the chart. (I never said it was a positive-behavior chart.) If she got three X's in a day, she was not allowed to read before bedtime. Again, books worked as the leverage we needed to gain better control.

Yay books!

Once this chart went into effect, Jordan's behaviors improved dramatically. It was almost as if she didn't need the chart as a reminder. Her actions towards Kayla were much more patient and kind. It was a joy to see the girls getting along and enjoying each other's company again.

The ultimate goal of this behavior chart was to hold Jordan accountable for her behaviors. In actuality, I think the chart helped hold me accountable for my own behaviors. I was forced to take notice, to keep track, and to follow through.

I guess this means that behavior charts are also beneficial for... well, for those parents who need them. You know, the difficult ones, the ones who have issues.

Well that's something to think about...

Thank you.

Us Too

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