Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Kids versus Parents

As in any family, our lives kind of went in waves. There were times when I thought my heart would explode with pride, joy and love while watching our kids play, learn and build never ending friendships with one another.

Then there were the more challenging times. For instance, there were those occasional moments when, almost as a united entity, all three kids would out and out refuse to do what we asked of them. Or how about when, no matter what, they could not get along with one another? And I can't forget those glorious moments when all three kids cried at the same time. Ah! Depending on how far I had been pushed past my limit, I wasn't sure whether I should have felt completely overwhelmed, or triumphantly victorious. Cringe?

Adam and I would find ourselves yelling, trying to regain some sense of order or control. Who am I kidding? We were yelling out of anger and frustration. One day I came home from running, and Adam was upset with Jordan for blatantly refusing to clean her room. (Which is kind of ironic, since today she keeps her room beyond organized and clean, and her closet is color coordinated.)

In a perfect world, it would be presumed that I returned from a run with a certain level of clarity and calmness. Sadly, that didn't happen. I lost it. I freaked out and went on about how all three kids were driving us completely nuts. It was quite a scene.

At this particular moment, I'm ignoring the small urge to write the word cringe. And here's why; I believe this situation periodically occurs in most homes. Having young children can be stressful, and moms and dads sometimes lose their sh*t.

You may be asking yourself; Is there a point to this drawn-out, somewhat commonplace, narration? Of course there is...

While I was getting ready to shower, Jordan wrote a note and slipped it under my bedroom door. It was succinct and to the point: It said: “You would all be better off without me.”

She was eight. WTH?

Thank you.

Us Too

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