Friday, May 26, 2017

Sticks, Stones and Standing Up

Here’s the scoop. One of Jordan’s best friends was getting bullied by two boys on the bus. Yep, the bus… the place where all life's lessons are learned, whether you want to learn them or not. It’s that short time period each day when there is no supervision, and the visceral nature of each child comes shining through.

That’s how I remember it, anyway. The difference was, when Jordan rode the bus, there were always video cameras recording the action, just in case.  These two boys were taking Jordan’s friend’s iPad, taking her shoes off of her feet and throwing them, and basically torturing her verbally. This was happening every bus ride, every day.

This girl was tough and athletic, but I guess in the world of bullying, this doesn’t matter. Or maybe it’s threatening. Who knows. I knew first hand (and still do) how difficult it was to get into a verbal battle with Jordan. She was relentless, quick, and could be cruel, but I wasn't sure this ever surfaced outside of our home. Until this time, when she tried to verbally slam one of the boys with: “You better be careful, or you’ll end up in juvie like your brother.” Damn.  Because his brother was in juvie. Unfortunately none of this worked. Nothing stopped these boys.

I was thankful Jordan opened up to me. I was more thankful that she wasn’t afraid to stand up for a friend. I called the transportation department, and the girl’s mother, and Jordan went to the principal. To make a long story short, the tapes were watched, the situation was rectified, Jordan and I were thanked profusely by the family, and I was one proud mama jama.

Thank you.

Us Too

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