Wednesday, May 10, 2017

That Damn Look From the Doctor

I came across a great article, so I would like to share it on Us Too. It's titled:  Ten Things Parents of 'Normal' Kids Should Know,  and that's exactly what it's about. I recommend it to anyone who has even the least bit of exposure to children (or humans, for that matter).  One of my favorite lines was: "A top-down, authoritative approach does not work for these kids. Attempts at this kind of parenting will likely lead to increased anxiety, a complete shutdown or a spectacular meltdown."

You got that right.

There was another line that really struck a nerve in me:  "It’s hard to talk to other parents honestly about our kids and their achievements. Your kid made the honor roll? Great. Mine didn’t kill herself. Yay!  Not exactly good for conversation."

I totally "feel" this, and here's why:

- First, I want to make it clear that Jordan has never attempted suicide. She has been asked a number of times by a number of different doctors, therapists, and psychiatrists, if she had thoughts of harming herself, and there were times when she did answer "Yes", without much hesitation. That's usually when I would get that look from the doctor; the "Mom, this is serious"  look.  Well, no kidding.  We wouldn't have been sitting there contemplating intensive inpatient or outpatient therapy, if we didn't realize the seriousness of our situation. One time I felt inclined to say, "I knew how she would answer, that's why we're here." Duh.

- Another reason I think this quote affected me, was because Jordan did make the honor roll. All of the time. She wasn't your typical angst-filled teenager, who while falling apart, failed classes or partied uncontrollably. I have no idea how, but she continued to overflow with tenacity, capability and determination. Against all odds she achieved great success throughout her high school career. This still continues to baffle me today.

Jordan's overall transcript may have looked stellar, but those strong personality traits; they almost broke her.

No two stories are exactly alike, but the more I read and inquire about the children who are graced with "Super Powers", the more similarities I see.  Even if we realize this overall topic may not be "exactly good for conversation",  let's all agree to do one thing...

Let's continue the conversation, and help break the stigma!

Thank you,

Us Too 

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