Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Put In Check Again...

by our sweet, determined, perceptive Kayla.  She told us we were babying her on the weekends by demanding she do her chores and homework before anything else. Um.  We're your parents. We have the right to set parameters for our children, voice our expectations, and make sure they are being met.

This is how I remember being raised. My chores were completed on Saturday mornings. This is how we were attempting to handle Jordan.  And how's this for positive-parental reinforcement?  Jordan told us she appreciated when we set time limits; it helped her stay focused.

Kayla was in seventh grade, and she was not quite as appreciative. She felt we were treating her unfairly. "I'm not Jordan."   Cring-ish.   Right??

No. She was not Jordan. She had given us no evidence that she needed us to micro manage her weekend schedule. She was social, running cross country, playing travel basketball, and maintaining her A average in school.  She was thriving.

Hear Ye Hear Ye!  A new policy was set forth in the Beck household:  As long as Kayla didn't get to bed too late, she had complete control over her weekend schedule. 

Thank you.

Us Too

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