Saturday, August 25, 2018

The Good Times Kept Rolling

Here are some more positive, beautiful things Jordan said to me after taking Lexapro for a month.


  • "Even how I walk down the hallway is different.  I used to be so tense and not look at anyone."
  • "I probably didn't get an A on my Human Geography test, but that's okay."
  • "I just yelled out "room 82" when I couldn't find a classroom and someone pointed to the room. I got to class late but it was okay."  --Holy crap!!
  • "I forgot my homework on the first day of school and thought about how I would apologize to the teacher, but it got collected the next day anyway."
  • "I didn't realize how I used to be and how my thinking spiraled, before taking Lexapro."
  • "I don't care if people know that I'm medicated."
  • And she said this to her friends:  "I'm so much happier this year.  Maybe it's the anti anxiety medication that I'm taking."  😊

All of these statements were huge coming from her.  It was like listening to another child. She was still our amazing Jordan... but better!!  (I didn't know this was even possible 😏) 

With all these positive effects, she was still a bit leery.  I think this was a good thing; it showed she wasn't naive or easily fooled. Here's what caused her to worry:  Someone very close to her who also took medication for anxiety, began experiencing sever negative thought patterns again, and this really freaked him out. She wanted to know if that could also happen to her.  😟

Here's the thing, I didn't really know.  

I knew Lexapro wasn't a miracle pill, so I told her what I had presumed to be true: If she did begin to spiral downward, it will most likely (and hopefully) be less intense. Plus, she had learned in therapy the skills and thought patterns necessary to help herself through the rough times.  And she always  had us.  

Sometimes hope has to be enough. 

Thank you.

Us Too

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