Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Little, But Oh So Huge, Milestones

I think it's amusing how parents find every little milestone in their children's lives to be so monumental. The first smile, word, step, sentence... When Jordan drew her first person, you would have thought that she won the Nobel Peace Prize. The first time she used the potty, I'm sure that I felt like throwing a party. A potty party. Like peeing in a toilet proved that she was some type of prodigy or something. 

But the funny thing is, when it's your child, the small things are amazingly huge. Before being born or adopted, our children represent endless wonder, hope, and a dream of everything possible. And then you have them, and the entire experience surpasses anything you could have ever imagined. 

That is why there is nothing better than watching your child succeed and find their comfortable place in the world. It is overwhelmingly, beautifully fulfilling for a parent to experience. That being said, the opposite...

Nope. I'm stopping here.

Because although Us Too deals with struggle and family issues, it is also my hope that it encompasses understanding, joy, and love.

When Jordan was two years and eight months old, and Kayla was thirteen months old, we found out that we were pregnant again. I believe that our reaction was something to the effect of: "Holy crap!" ~ but in a good way.

Thank you,

Us Too

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