Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Anger Management. Or Not.

Yes. Yes you can.

We had another basketball incident later that same year. We were at a family picnic and a bunch of the cousins were playing on a small "court" that had one basket. Kayla's shot rebounded off the backboard and accidentally hit Jordan on the top of her head. It happens.

I have no right to presume I knew what Jordan's thought process was, but I could make the assumption that she was pissed, and perhaps even a little embarrassed... because she threw the ball right in the back of Kayla's head. Kayla cried and the game came to a screeching halt.

I told Jordan to get off the court and she tried to fight her way back into the game, like physically. No way! She shouted, informing me that I can't tell her what to do. Um...excuse me? Yes, actually I can. Picture an angry eight year old refusing to step off a basketball court. How do you react as a parent? What options do you have to make your child get off a court? Keep in mind this was taking place in front of many extended family members who don't get to see our kids very often.

I'm not sure if I thought about, or planned it, but I smacked her butt. Yep...Cringe. She went running behind/under a tree and stood there for over a half hour. By herself. In the rain. This was certainly not one of our proudest family moments. :(

Thank you.

Us Too

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