Thursday, February 23, 2017

Here Come The Tween Years

Fifth grade was such a positive year for Jordan. She finally got a teacher who challenged her academically. This teacher was able to connect with the kids, especially the bright ones, and she made history come alive. My guess would be that she was a bit like Jordan when she was younger; conscientious, hard working, a perfectionist. Jordan was completely at home in this classroom. She was pushed, but she was comfortable. She would speak out loud, ask questions, and contribute to class discussions. I didn't realize how well things were going, until she said to me “Mommy, I love my life!” Yay!

When we walked the dogs she would latch her arm with mine. She would come home after school just beaming, although sometimes a bit hyper, and tell me all about her day. A kid like her, one who honestly loved to learn, deserved to enjoy school. It was about time.

Once in a while she and I would discuss her changing mood swings. We both realized they were extreme, so the topic would sometimes come up. I assured her that we would always support and love her through the ups, as well as through the downs.

I'm not sure why I didn't end the conversation there; this could have been another poignant Proud-Mama moment. Apparently, I felt the need to continue on with the dreaded "but...." “But you still need to try to separate yourself, and try to stop it, when you feel a down beginning to start.”

Cringe. Or better yet, "Duh".

Thank you.

Us Too

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