Saturday, March 19, 2016

Looks Like We Made It

This will be the final entry about potty training, I promise. 

The process did slowly begin to improve, although I wouldn't be telling the truth if I said it was 'typical' in any way. shape, or form. 

First of all, she complained each and every time, that her "butt hurt".  As any good mom would do, I looked, and as far as I could tell, there was nothing wrong with her butt. To placate her, I would slap on some A and D ointment, which miraculously solved the problem.

Secondly, she would yell and wail every time she went to the bathroom. Loudly. Every time. As she got more accustomed to this whole potty process, she began asking me if she could cry before going. I kid-you-not, she would say "Can I cry?" I always said yes. Hey, I would rather her cry (there were no actual tears) and go, as opposed to have her not go, any day. One day when she asked me, I said she should try not to cry, because she may wake up Kayla and Daddy. And this time... she couldn't go. It was almost as if, no actually it was as if, she couldn't go without yelling and wailing.  Woah.

She continued this behavior for about two and a half months. That's a lot of loud trips in the bathroom. It was a good thing I was a stay at home mom. If she would have been heard wailing in a public bathroom, I fear that family services may have been called on me.  Fortunately (I guess) she never used the bathroom at school, because she was only there for a couple of hours. The other preschool kids would have had some interesting stories to share with their parents, if she had.

I knew that this was probably atypical behavior, but she was our first. Plus, parents tend to get acclimated to things that they never believed possible, before having kids. So that's what we did. We got used to her behavior, so it became the norm for us. 

The Becks finally made it through!

Thank you.

Us Too

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