Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Out Go the Tantrums, In Comes the Attitude

Now that Jordan was almost six she no longer threw tantrums when leaving a friend's house. She also didn't lose it when a friend had to go home. Yay!

As you can imagine, I was quite relieved. But... Why is there always that inevitable but?

BUT...  she developed another pleasant habit. In front of her friends, or worse yet, their parents, the instant I walked into the room, she would say things like “Not fun, Mommy”, or “Very boring Mommy.” Translation: "Mommy, you're ruining everything."  All I did was walk into the room!

Not exactly the welcome I was hoping for, or expecting. She would put her hands on her hips and kind of roll her eyes. I would think to myself, “Oh, I'll show you what very boring is. Very boring is not seeing friends, or going on any more play dates until you straighten up that attitude."

I'm sure in my own style, on the ride home, I verbally laid into her. I was shocked at how rude she could be one second, and how sweet she could be another. Since she could read on her own now, the whole thumbs-up/thumbs-down, take books away plan, didn't work. So we threatened to take away at-home weekend movies, before bedtime. Fortunately, this seemed to be effective.

Nothing was ever easy.
Although, after seeing this:  

I am reminded that hands on the hips, eye rolling, and attitude are small potatoes compared to the seriousness and the realness of those teen years. That being said, it still didn't fly with me back then.

Thank you.

Us Too

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