Friday, November 3, 2017

A Post Filled With Gratitude

Within the past few days I've received some positive feedback from some very special people. I would like to take a few minutes to express my gratitude. Some even told me they took the time to read Us Too from its very beginning. That requires some kick-butt discipline. :) Thank you!

I realize the posts are getting more emotional, and possibly more uncomfortable, especially for those who know us. Like many families, we basically had to hit, what felt like rock-bottom. Only then were we ready and capable of beginning the frightening, all-engulfing search for help.

Oh, and one more thing… please keep in mind that the Us Too Story took place in the past.  Now that Jordan is away at college, does she still have bouts of anxiety and depression (it’s actually more like sadness now), and struggle with dermatillomania? Of course she does.

But our story has improved one million percent since the time Jordan was in middle school. We are no longer controlled by the anger and fear. Today, instead of asking ourselves the reactionary, unproductive, emotional question: "Why us?", we try to take proactive steps towards helping Jordan get through the rough patches.

And if the Becks can do it, anyone can!

Thank you.

Us Too

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