Thursday, May 10, 2018

Types of Depression

I've been thinking...

People get depressed for a number of reasons. Many times it has to do with outside influences; the crap that tends to throw people under the life-bus. These may include death, job loss, abuse, illness of self or a loved one (which obviously includes mental illness), loss of friendship or love, drugs or alcohol use... the list can go on and on. And the list sucks.

Sometimes, and this is only my opinion, it has nothing to do with outside factors.  The Superheroes among us struggle because of their chemical makeup, their wiring. What we (and more importantly, what they) need to remember is: this is only a very tiny part of what makes them who they are. It's one single characteristic out of a million wonderful, unique traits that need to be celebrated and cultivated by those around them.

Because even superheroes need help sometimes.  :) 

A little food for thought:
What if the person who is
suffering doesn't want 
anyone to know? 

Thank you,

Us Too

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