Saturday, June 11, 2016

Some Thoughts and Reflections

After all of these blogs about Jordan, I felt it was necessary to share that she has officially graduated from high school!!  This is a HUGE hurdle to have conquered, as it is for all young adults. But for teens fighting on a daily basis with seen and unseen struggles, I believe that it is all the more poignant.

I guess I am writing this as a gentle reminder that everyone has crap going on. And during life's most meaningful events, this crap may be especially present in the mind's of the participants. Yes, graduation is a wonderful event, one to be celebrated and enjoyed. But it is also emotional and difficult. As are weddings, the birth of babies... all the good things in life. Because along with these circle-of-life events, also comes inevitable endings.

Life is full of endings. And I'm sure I'm not the only one out there, who hates endings. Because at the time, they pretty much suck.

Not surprisingly, I'm brought back to the memories of my high school graduation. Pictures of my grandparents, who are no longer with us, smiling proudly along side me. Which forces me to realize that this is only a snap-shot in time. And things will continue to move forward... whether we like it or not.

Please keep in mind that some people have difficulty handling these types of realizations and feelings. Depending on where they are in their lives, and what is going on, it may be too much. 

I think that I can say this, because I was in this scary place last year. And once you're unfortunate enough to have been in this dark place, you never really forget it. You fear it, and you don't forget it. You realize that just because things are going well today, doesn't mean that they always will. You are forced to give up some control, and hopefully you are able to enjoy today as much as possible.

So let's all try to enjoy our todays, both the meaningful and the trivial ones. And if you're struggling to do this, then please reach out to your loved ones for help. Because life is meant to be enjoyed. And I guess (she says a bit reluctantly) that it is possible for ending's to be "happily-ever-after".

Thank you,

Us Too

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