Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Life Is A Balance...

It feels strange trying to go back to writing about when Jordan was young, after she just left for college. This was (and still is) a HUGE, emotional, poignant time in our lives. A time that I have dreaded since she was a baby. Yes, long ago, there were some nights when I actually cried to Adam, because I knew one day my kids would leave me. Now you tell me, is that normal? (She asks with a hint of sarcasm.)

But so far, we have all survived. Jordan has totally stepped up and is taking care of herself beautifully. She's finding her way, finding herself, and get this... eating salads. Green foods! Leaving for college and beginning her journey, is exactly where she should be.

And now that she is getting acclimated, enjoying herself, and the first few (very) emotional days are behind us, I think I am better able to understand the quote at the top of this post. What's even better... I don't think I hate it anymore. :)

Thank you.

Us Too

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