Saturday, September 2, 2017

Life Happens

While Jordan was making her way through 7th grade, Adam was given some bad news. The company he worked for was filing for bankruptcy and he was going to lose his job. Shhh... Did you just hear that? That was the sound of the Beck’s soft cushy rug, once firmly secured under our feet, being ripped out from under us..

Here’s a quote from my journal portraying where I was mentally and emotionally during this time:

“I wish someone would just tell us what to do, or what our next phase in life should be. I hope someday we will look back at this and remember it as a time we were able to get through. Somehow.”

I'm not sure if I was naive or if everyone feels this way, but I honestly assumed that my life would be struggle-free. Okay... After writing that, I clearly see that I was 100% naive.

I also wrote down some brief bullet points as to where Jordan was in her first months of 7th grade:
  • On weekends she’s tired and miserable.
  • She skips lunch and mopes, doing homework all day.
  • Her homework takes way too long and she wants it to be perfect.
  • She doesn’t want to talk to any of us about it, or ask for help.

(Is this when Jordan's "super powers" began to slowly develop?)

Family members feed off each other’s moods and emotions. It’s inevitable. So what happens when Dad is stressed and forced to go to work knowing his days are numbered, Mom is freaking-out wondering how we are going to get through this financially, our seventh grade daughter was a perfectionist, our sixth grade daughter was getting accustomed to middle school, and our son was a sensitive fourth grade boy?  (That last one, because of society's "tough boy" mentality, is enough to tip the mom coping-chart off it's axis.)

I’ll tell you what happens. Life happens.
And it’s not always pretty, neat or easy.

Thank you.

Us Too

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