Wednesday, April 4, 2018

A Mother's Rant

In case you were wondering, I didn't always keep it together. This is one of the main reasons I share our story in Us Too. It's hard being a parent, and in my humble opinion, it's even harder when a child is struggling with mental health issues.  Although what follows might sound repetitive; it is an addition to the previous entry. You may notice that I was experiencing ups and downs similar to riding on, oh, I don't know... a roller coaster:

I got angry. Kayla got angry that we didn't take our family picture. Again, our lives are dictated by Jordan. I know she can't control it.  And now apparently Adam thinks my attitude is bad. Am I not supposed to get angry?? Should I be okay with our plans being screwed up again and again? It sucks and I'm pissed at the whole situation.

Personally. after the whole non-existent picture fiasco, I don't think she should go ice skating with her cousins. At this point she probably doesn't want to go anyway.  She's embarrassed. Who wouldn't be? It's sad and scary that she has so little control over all of this (and we don't have any either).

Now her door is locked again, and basically things are crap.  I'm so sick of this! I feel like I have no outlet. We talk and talk. I talk to people, we try, and it still sucks!

Thank you.

Us Too

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