Wednesday, April 18, 2018

When I Was Your Age

"I'm sad."


"Because everything sucks."

So simple, but also so poignant.  Is it more difficult to be a teen or young adult today, than it was when I was younger? I used to roll my eyes when my kids said they had/have it so much worse than I did. I don't do that any more. Of course there were always kids who struggled, families who had problems, the threat of an impending war, difficult school work, too much homework, drugs and alcohol, broken hearts, bullies, racism, sexism, plain old meanness... 

I don't think any of this has changed. What has changed, is that we are bombarded with ALL of this crap, ALL the time.  And a lot of it does SUCK.

Think about what we can see on a day to day basis. It's beyond overwhelming for adults, so imagine how it's affecting our children. I don't think we have a clue.

I don't have any answers. I tried to take Jordan's phone away when she was a young teen. She informed me that because she was already isolating herself socially, that I would be taking away her only link to her friends, and the outside world. I would be making her life more lonely and sad than it already was.

I couldn't do it.

So what now? Is there a way to slow down the world, or at least your little corner of it?  I have no idea. If anyone does, please feel free to share or comment. 😏

Thank you.

Us Too

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