Sunday, June 10, 2018

Fed Up AF

I'm just going to take this straight from my journal because I couldn't make it any more real than it actually was:

It's not worth it to travel anymore. The fit thrown by Jordan before we left- instead of leaving at 2:30, we left at 5:00!! All because she didn't want to take a shower. She got up at 10:30.  So four hours isn't enough time to pack and get ready for a weekend trip? Really?
Sometimes I wonder if she would (or will) make it on her own. Maybe all this crap is for our benefit and she'll do fine on her own.  I hope so because right now she basically seems incapable of feeding herself and sleeping enough to function. We may need to implement the 504 plan next year. The high school teachers might not be as understanding and accommodating as the middle school teachers were, with regards to limiting her homework.  She still gets all A's anyway, so why would they say no?
It's sad to say, but sometimes I'm actually looking forward to her moving out. Fourteen years of this crap and it's getting old. Whether mental illness or stubborn attitude, it still sucks!
And to top it all off- I just saw arm flab in my sleeveless running shirt.  I'm going to run now.  Shit. 

And also cringe. 

Thank you.

Us Too

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