Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Random Tidbits

This is a short one, because basically I couldn't figure out what else to do.

One night we turned off Jordan's light and took her lap top away. As you can probably imagine, it wasn't one of our most enjoyable evenings. The next morning she came downstairs and ate a tiny bowl of cereal- no milk, no cheese, and no fruit. (I was a bit anal about their breakfasts.) But boy did her hair and dress look perfect. So her priorities were based on her looks, and not on her health.  I wasn't happy.  And it didn't help that some kids told her how pretty she looked that day.  Jordan was thrilled.  Me?  Not so much.

I finally decided to reach out to her 8th grade teachers, briefly explaining our difficult homework situation, and her math teacher got back to me. Jordan was to do a half hour of math homework a night, and not one minute more.  Beautiful!  See?  Reaching out and asking for help is a good idea.

Jordan began doing her homework in the kitchen with a timer. Happy days!

Thank you.

Us Too

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