Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Raising A Spirited Child

I have to admit, sometimes I did wonder how things would have played out with Jordan, if my parents were raising her. Like all of the time. Would they have done a better job than we were doing? Was there a better way to handle a 'spirited' child like her? The realization that she did not instantly back down with them, seeing her act out in her "Jordan" fashion, did help reassure me of one thing. Her behavior was most likely, not solely in response to our actions and parenting techniques.

At least that's something...

Yes, these anxiety-laden thoughts actually did enter into my mind. Remember, she was our first child. There were times when we were fumbling, trying to understand and deal with her intensity and extreme emotions.

So this was the second time Jordan pushed my parents to a level that I assume, surprised them. After they told me what had happened, I explained that I wasn’t at all surprised. I knew how Jordan was. When she didn’t get what she wanted or expected, she would certainly let you know how displeased she was.

After a few minutes of calming, coaxing conversation from Grandma Weeze, Jordan decided to come up the stairs on her own. She exhibited a blatant exercise in self control, and took responsibility for her behaviors. I do see this as positive. I really do.

Here comes that inevitable but, I'm so adept at bringing to light...

But, the thing is, this same scenario would most likely have repeated itself over and over again. Unless the unconditional love of Grandma Weeze and Grandpa Tony was enough to help her find her internal self control; because the intense love of her mom and dad certainly didn't appear to be enough to help her acquire the self restraint. Someone could tell her it was time for bed, time to clean up, time to leave, or get dressed, or stop playing, or eat, or, or or…

If you think about it, it's always time for something.

Thank you,

Us Too

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